Dre and Josh : Mixing "Gravity" (Tia Pittman)

Well, we did it again ya’ll! We created something special. Something we like to call a masterpiece. We, Dre & Josh along with Shameka McDonald collaborated to create a new song called, Gravity. This song is very special, from the melodic instrumentation and mystical rhythms in the track, to the undeniable lyrics, to the angelic vocals laid by talented singer, Tia Pittman. The song takes you there. We have created some dope records before, but this one takes you to that place of radiance. Not trying to be all deep, but this song is Dre & Josh Heat!!!!

We spoke with songwriter, Shameka McDonald and asked her after she heard the track from us what inspired her to come up with the concept of Gravity? She said “Listening to the track of "Gravity" I just felt an elevation! I wanted the song to be about love, but a different level of love, a new height of love. I started with just laying a few melodies; I wanted the verses to breath. I wanted the lyrics to have a meaning beyond just saying "I'm in love." I along with Nelson Fowler (co-write) started this song together, but it was brought together and finished, by Dre and Josh, and I. "Gravity" is a beautiful song, from the first verse, to the bridge there is clarity in its meaning. It's a hit!!!”

So after recording such a great song, you know we had to give you guys a preview. We decided to capture us mixing and giving you all a sneak peak of the soon to be heard around the world song, Gravity. Check it out, take a listen, leave a comment and let us know what you think.


Dre and Josh Jeannie Ortega Session at UMPG

Everyone involved in Dre and Josh Music Group has always acted on the principle of building relationships. As you all know we had the pleasure of working with Jeannie Ortega in the Universal Music Publishing Group studio a few weeks ago. We made a very good connection with Jeannie and were asked to come back and do another record with her. We had built such a good rapport and started such a good relationship, that the flow during the session was seamless. We created a very positive, fun, expressive record with a message so necessary for our time.

Also, we would like to take a second to thank photographer Ed Ward of Ward Legacy Productions for all the great pictures that you see on the site. Although we haven’t set up an official shoot as of yet, the candid impromptu photographs are superb! Thank you Ward Legacy Productions, and thank each and every one of you for your support.